Week 1

Hello, my name is Felicia and this is my blog for my ceramics class. This week we were assigned a project called the Verb Project. We have to pick a verb and represent it someway in clay. I chose the verb to grow  or to sprout. My idea is to make a stop motion animation where I will take frame by frame shots of a sprouting flower that I will sculpt out of porcelain. I plan on making the flower grow from just popping out of the ground all the way up to full bloom. I haven’t fully decided if I want to add anymore effects to the concept of the video like letting the flower dry out and crack. I just need to decide what kind of message I want to portray and go with it.

This week I also made my first batch of porcelain with two of my classmates, Savannah and Margaret. It was pretty easy except for some complications on getting it to the right consistency. I’m excited to work with porcelain for the first time and was really satisfied with the feeling of the clay. It’s very smooth and I can’t wait to start sculpting with it.

And just a fun fact, my best friend Carly (pictured) has joined me in getting a minor in ceramics! I’m really excited to spend the semester alongside her in one of my favorite medias. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.