Week 14

This week we have been doing a lot of raku firing. I currently have 4 vessels that have made it through the firing. I’m impressed with a few of them, but disappointed in some of the glazes that have been blistering. My favorite process so far is the the naked raku where you cover the vessel with slip and it results in a smoky line look. I’m very excited to keep experimenting with this style.

I finished glazing all of my vessels this week for the Roku kiln. This means that I am now finished for the semester as far as glazing goes. My pieces from the verb project (the hedgehogs) have already been soda fired and for my still life project I want them to remain white and raw. I put those through a cone 6 firing to finish them off.

I can’t wait to see the results of the raku firing and then see all of my work from the semester set up together. I’m excited to finally put my still life together for the final critique. I finally finished sanding and painting the table that I will be using as a platform for my pieces.


Week 12

This week I made 10 more vessels on the potters wheel. I was much more satisfied with the forms on these pieces. I decided that on the forms I don’t necessarily like for a pug shape, I will continue the pug theme by just painting little pug figures onto the surface, creating sort of a pattern.

I also created a mini piggy bank, or a puggy bank if you will. I didn’t want to have to deal with finding a cork to fit in a home in the bottom and have to deal with shrinking, so I problem solved and decided to make a lid so that it is easy to collect the change from the pug. This is a very small scale of what I’d like to make them and i want to change up the way that the money is extracted. I will make the mouth and open hole in the front of the piggy bank so that when the owner wants to release the change they will shake it out of the mouth. I thought this would be a cute solution.

I still would like to make a few more puggy banks and maybe even just a few bowls for myself, not to be fired in the raku kiln.

Week 11

This week we had a great opportunity to have Didem Mert visit IUS and present a lecture as well as a demo. I feel that she was a great inspiration for all of us and really gave us an insight on what it’s like to be an artist straight out of grad school. She was very encouraging and had a lot of knowledge and experience to share with us.

I have also been working on trimming my vessels throughout this week. I am experimenting with  a new style for the foot of pieces. I wasn’t happy with them last semester so I decided to try something new. I feel that when I try to add a foot I don’t like the piece anymore so I’m experimenting with a foot that isn’t visible when the piece is right side up, but looks like a little button when flipped to the bottom. I’m not sure if this is something I would like to continue using or not, I was just curious how it would turn out.

I also am struggling on getting the right shape for the pug vessels I would like to build. When I throw on the wheel it is like I am automatically in the bowl mode and end up making my pieces too wide to begin with and result in a squished looking sphere form. I will try to bring my cylinders up more and then try for the ball look and I hope that will help out.