Week 3

This week I have been working on the puggy banks. As it turns out, the package of corks I bought to plug the holes in the puggy banks only has two corks big enough to fit a quarter and so I am limited on the amount of puggy banks I can actually make with the corks. So I have decided to make two large puggy banks with the corks. One will be a standard puggy bank with the cork on bottom while the other one will have a cork in its mouth (“put a cork in it”). So that I can continue making more puggy banks I have decided to make three more smaller versions that will release the money through a lid rather than the cork. I also thought about making these three a set and use the three different clay bodies so that they will be different colors. To change these puggy banks up a bit, I’m considering putting hats on them as handles for the lid. I thought that would be a cute touch. We also learned how to make Terra sig. I partnered up with Carly and we mixed together the Kentucky stone clay Terra sig and it is currently settling. I also got one of my ceramic pieces into the juried art show here at IUS and was honored to have it selected for the show. I submitted my 30 in sculpture from my second semester of ceramics titled Pug Pile. Carly and I also did a collaboration piece this week just for fun. When we were in high school we would make these weird drawings where each of us would choose an animal and we would exchange the paper back and forth and draw a body part until we had a complete morphed animal with characteristics from each animal we chose. We had folders full of these drawings. While we were sitting in ceramics class we thought it would be cool if we did the same concept, but with sculpting. So in class Carly choose an owl and I chose a gorilla and we passed the sculpture around and created this weird animal that we called a Growl. There will probably be more of these weird creations to pop up throughout the rest of this semester.


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