Week 7

So first of all I’d like to share that the pug pile from a year ago just sold 🙂 so I’m pretty excited about that. But this week we’ve been firing some saggars and finally got the pit kiln running. I have one puggy bank in the pit kiln now awaiting the results. I have been too chicken so far to put anything in the saggar but am realizing now how much I like that effect and might try it out on some puggy banks.

I got some more puggy banks out and ready for bisque. I have also been on the wheel throwing forms for much larger mugs. I think I plan on making some with faces and some without but I will keep the characteristic pug tail handle on each and probably the feet as well.


Week 6

This week we learned how to repair a kiln’s elements which was pretty cool. We also began the next project which will be focusing on firing in the soda kiln. For this project I will be experimenting with mugs, more specifically pug mugs. I have some small ones made out right now that are just kind of helping get the feel for it all. I plan on making some larger ones. I got to experiment with making a handle as well and I found it very challenging, especially because I am trying to mimic a pug’s tail. I finally came up with something that I found comfortable to hold but it ended up a little off centered but I’m okay with it.

I decided to keep my failed attempts at handles after I coiled them in a pile, thinking it would look like a completed tail, but rather they look like piles of poo. I thought it was funny so I might try putting them through firing as well and maybe display them with the dogs at crit. I did also put some more Terra sig on some pieces and they are ready for a bisquing.

Week 5

This week we were to begin our next project which is for the soda kiln. I decided to start working on some pug mugs that I had designed last semester but never followed through with. I am currently experimenting with the method in which I would like to build them (on the wheel or hand built) as well as figuring out how to design the form in a way that will be most functional and comfortable. I want them to be a round shape, like a ball, but still function easily as a mug.

Our pieces for the pit fire were bisqued and we got to see how those turned out. I’m happy with the way my puggy banks came out. The Barnard Terrasigallata came out a lot lighter of a brown than I expected but I still like it.

My bulldogs also came out of the cone 6 firing this week and I was happy to have completed them. They are a commission artwork that was inspired by my pug pile. I am excited to get them to the person that asked for them.

Week 4

This week I finally got to experience the magic of Terrasigallata on my own pieces. I put on a couple coats of the OM4 sig on my two large puggy banks. I want the two large ones to match and so I will paint them similarly. I am waiting for the Barnard sig to finish up so that I can try out a dark brown/black for the faces of the pugs.

I have finished getting the shapes of the three smaller puggy banks but still need to work out all the details on those. I want these three pugs to be similar as well. The only difference between them being the clay bodies used and different sig coloring on their faces. I will leave the clay exposed on the bodies only painting the faces with sig. I will call this set “the three little pugs.”

I have also made up some sketches for some ideas for future projects. For the next firing I would like to make some salt and pepper shakers in the shape of pugs.

We also started the building process on our pit kiln. We set out some cinder blocks in the shape of the kiln then laid down some soft bricks along the base and built them up along the wall.