Week 5

This week we were to begin our next project which is for the soda kiln. I decided to start working on some pug mugs that I had designed last semester but never followed through with. I am currently experimenting with the method in which I would like to build them (on the wheel or hand built) as well as figuring out how to design the form in a way that will be most functional and comfortable. I want them to be a round shape, like a ball, but still function easily as a mug.

Our pieces for the pit fire were bisqued and we got to see how those turned out. I’m happy with the way my puggy banks came out. The Barnard Terrasigallata came out a lot lighter of a brown than I expected but I still like it.

My bulldogs also came out of the cone 6 firing this week and I was happy to have completed them. They are a commission artwork that was inspired by my pug pile. I am excited to get them to the person that asked for them.


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