Week 6

This week we learned how to repair a kiln’s elements which was pretty cool. We also began the next project which will be focusing on firing in the soda kiln. For this project I will be experimenting with mugs, more specifically pug mugs. I have some small ones made out right now that are just kind of helping get the feel for it all. I plan on making some larger ones. I got to experiment with making a handle as well and I found it very challenging, especially because I am trying to mimic a pug’s tail. I finally came up with something that I found comfortable to hold but it ended up a little off centered but I’m okay with it.

I decided to keep my failed attempts at handles after I coiled them in a pile, thinking it would look like a completed tail, but rather they look like piles of poo. I thought it was funny so I might try putting them through firing as well and maybe display them with the dogs at crit. I did also put some more Terra sig on some pieces and they are ready for a bisquing.


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