Week 10

This week I finished off all of the pug mugs. They just came out of the kiln from bisque and they all survived. My final mug I made had some drying complications and cracked in a couple areas, but I’m gonna keep sending him through the kilns and see where he lands.

I have also began building the salt and pepper shakers in the shape of pugs. I have only got their shape together and have yet to add their features. I am making two sets, one to go through the soda kiln and the other through the wood fire kiln.

I also started working on another small puggy bank. This one was requested by a relative and it will be personalized with a name.


Week 9

Things are about to get pugly! This week I finished up the pug mug faces. I didn’t get as much done this week as I would have liked to..but I enjoyed our visiting artist, Sunshine Cobb, on Wednesday. She was very insightful on what life looks like after college and was encouraging.

The pug mugs are going to go into the soda kiln and I plan on making them colorful rather than naturalistic. I’m excited to see how they turn out.

To kick off the wood kiln, I’d like to make some pug salt and pepper shakers and see how they turn out. I am making so much pug themed stuff to complement my branding I have created in graphic design. It is called The Crafted Pug where I create hand crafted pug themed merchandise including everything from ceramic classes as well as digital artwork ranging from wall art to t-shirts.

Week 8

This week I have been working on some pug mugs. I now have all the handles attached as well as the feet. All that is left is the faces. I realized my handles are more geared to right handers so I made a couple to fit comfortably for a left hander.

I also took one of my mess UPS on the wheel that got really small and turned it into a miniature flower pot with a tray. I gave it a few pug features and plan to put some shellac on it to make the face. I hope that I can find a plant small enough for it, but if not a pig with grass hair would still be cute.

I also got to pack up my pug pile and it is now ready to go home with its new owner.

And just for fun I made a pug necklace with polymer clay.