Week 13

This week has been pretty busy. We kicked off the atmospheric kiln’s this past weekend and have been prepping our work for that. The soda kiln has finished firing and I’m pretty happy with some of the pieces that came out of that. The wood kiln is cooling down and we are awaiting the results from that firing. I am excited to see what becomes of it.

Then our class installed a collaborative space lab show that we titled Atmospheric Exploration. I have put on display a couple pug mugs, puggy banks, and some planters.

I also finally finished glazing my salt and pepper shakers and can’t wait to see how those turn out in the long run. And we are awaiting another pit fire.


Week 12

This week we’ve been prepping work for the soda and wood kilns. We have completed one soda firing and are working on loading another. Today we began loading the fire kiln and will continue loading it until the firing this weekend.

I have been glazing my pieces for both of these kilns as well as making new work. I have another puggy bank that is actually personalized for my cousin. I tried out shellac to see what kind of effects I can have when customizing it with her name. I really like this process and the results and would like to continue it.

I also have been working on some salt and pepper shakers. They don’t have any pug features other than the feet, but I plan on applying patterns to them. I have developed a pug and floral pattern that I like and would like to apply it to them. We shall see how that goes.