Week 10

This week I finished up on the ceramic part of this project. I completed two pit bull dog dolls that will eventually be painted, have eyes, and have a fabric body. Again, the idea of this project is to take a dog breed that is feared as aggressive and depict it in a way that is more friendly and true to their real personalities.

For this next project, I really love the idea of making dolls and I wanted to continue this process and see how I can grow. I want to choose a mixed media project that combines with memories and I decided to make dolls of dogs that I have had in the past. I recently went through the loss of one of my dogs and it was a really hard time for me. That is the second dog I lost in the past two years. So I want to sort of commemorate them with dolls of their own.


Week 9

This week I began working on a second pit bull doll. This time I took the style of the breed that is often viewed as aggressive and tried to create a less intimidating face by creating it into a doll. This look includes the pointed ears. I still need to make the accompanying arms and legs for this mask as well as add the fur texture.

I also included a sketch to help visualize what I have in mind as far as the structure of these dolls.

Week 7

This week we began our next project where we had to find an article and respond to it. I chose an article by the Huffington Post about pit bulls and why Breed Specific Legislation doesn’t work. Pit bulls are misjudged on their personality based on stereotypes that they are all aggressive.

As a response, I will be making multimedia pit bull dolls. By representing them as a children’s toy they show their true loving personality. The face and arms will be made of ceramics while the body will be fabric. Also, I will be using doll eyes to give them some life.