Week 9

This week I finished making all the parts of a pugasus. I made a tail and wings that will be glued in place on the fabric. Once they have set up a little bit, I will clean up the fur texture on each piece.

I also finally got around to glazing my plates from the previous project. I put a layer of clear cone 6 glaze on them. These will eventually get the transfer decal of my plant illustrations. I also glazed an extra bowl I had sitting around. I decided to try out one of our mystery glazes, which consists of a bunch of test glazes mixed together. This bowl is cone 10.


Week 8

This week we continued working on our final project. I completed the legs and added the fur texture to the sculptural pieces. Now I just need to create the tail and wings so I can get them bisqued and move on to creating molds.

Also this week, Lindsay Oesteritter came by IUS for a workshop. She demoed throwing on the wheel, adding rims, and pulling handles. It was nice to get her perspective on how to balance life with art making.